Whether you're building a savings nest egg, putting money aside for an emergency, planning for a major purchase or looking ahead to the month when auto insurance, property taxes and other major bills come due, there's a savings account suited to your needs at Advance Savings Credit Union.  With competitive interest rates and flexibility, you’ll reach your savings goals at your own pace, one deposit at a time. With deposit insurance, you have peace of mind as your savings grow.  Enclosed below you will find our list of savings packages designed to meet your financial needs:

  • SmartSave Account
  • Step It Up Account
  • Tax Account
  • Tax Free Savings Account

Owners under 25

  • What's Up
  • Got To Go


Create an account and begin accumulating what you know you should. Our SmartSave Savings Account is an effective way to save, while still enjoying maximum access to your money.


  • A 5 tier interest bearing account. Interest is earned on every dollar and the higher the balance the higher the interest rate
  • Interest is calculated daily and added to the principal monthly
  • No minimum balance required and no penalties for withdrawals
  • 24 hours ATM access
  • Record keeping is simplified with a online statement


If you would like to earn a higher interest rate without locking your money in for the long term, the The Step It Up account is for you. No more need to renew short term GICs or lock your money into long terms in order to receive a great rate. This is a tiered savings account that will pay a higher interest rate, based on your balance. It is intended for money that you want to put to work for you but still have access to when needed.

The Step It Up Account includes one FREE withdrawal per month. $5.00 per withdrawal after that.


An Advance Savings Credit Union Tax Account can help alleviate the burden of paying property taxes by including it in your mortgage payment. The property tax is calculated on a monthly basis and is put into to the mortgage payment. The tax portion of the mortgage payment is automatically deposited to the Mortgage Tax Account. When property taxes come due in the spring we make the payment for you.


The TFSA is a registered savings account that allows taxpayers to earn investment income tax-free inside the account. Contributions to the account are not deductible for tax purposes, and withdrawals of contributions and earnings from the account are not taxable.TFSA savings can be used for a variety of needs, for example: to purchase a new car, renovate a house, start a small business or take a family vacation. Click here for more information.


What's Up? (no monthly fee*)

UNLIMITED In branch withdrawals & deposits

UNLIMITED On-line Banking

The first 6 transactions* per month from these categories are included:

  • Credit Union ATM withdrawals
  • Debit Card purchases 

*transactions in excess of plan amount will be charged our standard pricing.

Got To Go!  ($5.00/month)

UNLIMITED In branch withdrawals & deposits

UNLIMITED On-line Banking

UNLIMITED TeleService Inquiries

FREE Monthly On-line Statement

3 other bank ATM withdrawals (excluding on-site fees)

The first 45 transactions* per month from these categories are included:

  • Credit Union ATM transactions
  • Debit Card purchases 
  • Pre-authorized payments
  • TeleService payments and transfers

*transactions in excess of plan amount will be charged our standard pricing.





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