Direct Deposit & Pre-authorized Payment Form

Set up a Direct Deposit or Pre-authorized Payment

It’s time to forget about manually paying bills month after month and depositing your pay cheque at the branch every two weeks. 


What is a Direct Deposit or Pre-authorized Payment?

A Direct Deposit is when money is automatically deposited into your Advance Savings account on a regular basis.

A Pre-authorized Payments is an automatic withdrawal from your Advance Savings account that is set up to pay bills or rent on a regular basis.


How do I set up a Direct Deposit or Pre-authorized Payment?

  1. Download the Direct Deposit & Pre-authorized Payment Confirmation form, here:

          Download Form

  1. Fill it out with your personal information.
  1. Read the Important Info. information to make sure you’ve filled out the Form correctly.
          Read Important Info
  1. Print or save the Form.
  1. Give the Form to your employer or bill payment provider so they can set up the direct deposit or pre-authorized payment.


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