At Advance Savings, we believe in putting people first.  We created the Get-to-Know Local Program to highlight and showcase the people that make our communities so great.  They're your neighbour, your friend and your family!  

Are you running a locally-owned small business in your community and want to spread the word? Are you volunteering your time to a great cause? Advance Savings wants to hear YOUR story.

The Get-to-Know Local Program features Advance Savings member and staff and the stories they have to share. 

New stories will be added weekly!

Derek Ellard, Chief Executive Officer Expand/Collapse

“By far the most satisfying part of my career is to witness Advance Savings put our “You First, Banking Second” values into play on a daily basis. With our organization, it’s not about the bottom line; it’s about doing the right thing for our members each and every day.”

Derek has been with Advance Savings for 16 years. Beginning his journey in 2004 as a Loans Officer, Derek has now led our Advance Savings employees for 5 years as our Chief Executive Officer.

As the CEO of our organization, Derek empowers the Advance Savings team and provides accountability to our Board of Directors and our Financial and Consumer Services regulators. Simply put, Derek is responsible for all final decisions within Advance Savings, and guides our staff to serve our members with the commitment and personal touch to banking that only Advance Savings can bring. .

“We are a part of such important moments in our member’s lives, from buying their first home to starting a business and watching it flourish. This aspect of our careers is such a privilege and honor that we never take for granted.”

In his leisure, Derek enjoys spending time with his family.  They spend most of their time outdoors hiking, biking, boating, and travelling around Atlantic Canada. Derek also gives back to his community while coaching youth curling. Curling was a passion of his own growing up, and he now enjoys coaching and cheering on his daughter from the sidelines.

Derek states that it has been truly inspiring being able to witness the growth and development of our staff and members over the years, and is proud to work for Advance Savings.

“What’s not to love? Advance Savings is all about people genuinely helping people and our communities. We have a great team that is always looking to do the right thing. The commitment to our members and communities is incredible. It does not get any better than that.”

Mary Lou Warren-Lewis, Customer Service Representative Expand/Collapse

For Mary Lou, her journey with working with a Credit Union began nearly 10 years ago. You may be familiar with her caring spirit and hospitable personality, Mary Lou works as a Customer Service Representative on the front-line of the Moncton branch of Advance Savings.

Almost a decade ago to the day, Mary Lou started out as a part-time Customer Service Representative for Advance Savings when the branch was located at People’s Park Tower.

“I was working the 10:00am-2:00pm shift, which was ideal at the time because I was home for when my son got home from school.”

After working a part-time position to then a full-time position at the People’s Park Tower branch, Mary Lou was offered a full-time position as a Customer Service Representative at the Moncton branch of Advance Savings, and has been there helping our members ever since.

When asked about her experience as an employee of Advance Savings, Mary Lou claims she feels gratified to be a part of an organization who always takes that extra step to help out their members.

In her spare time, Mary Lou loves to read, cook and bake, and has recently picked up a new hobby in light of these challenging times.

“I have been making face masks! I have made masks for family and friends, all employees at the Moncton and Riverview Advance Savings, and I am now sewing masks for nearly 25 employees of a local day-care.”

In the midst of these wearisome whiles, Mary Lou is grateful to have such a supportive work atmosphere among a great team, and is pleased to endorse “The Credit Union Difference”.

“This is a very difficult, trying and unprecedented time and I feel Advance Savings has been certainly exemplifying the “You First, Banking Second” initiative, and that makes me proud to be a Credit Union employee”.

Next time you stop into our Moncton branch, make sure you say hi to Mary Lou, and thank her for all that she does!

Sawyer Hannay, Rexton Community Branch Member Expand/Collapse

Country Liberty is much more than just a clothing brand; it’s a lifestyle brand which represents community living in southeastern New Brunswick. Sawyer Hannay, long time member of Advance Savings and successful entrepreneur, came up with the idea of Country Liberty while traveling around the world at a young age. While exploring, Sawyer received a lot of perspective on different cultures and unique ways of life. He became very gratified to be from New Brunswick, and wanted to represent the qualities he was so proud of to his community, and the rest of Canada.

Country Liberty offers a wide variety of products and services. They have their most famously known clothing line, Country Liberty wine made from a local winery, locally made scrunchies from Fredericton, as well as Liberty Village.

Liberty Village is a physical Country Liberty experience that allows everybody the opportunity to experience country-living and the culture that Country Liberty represents. The one of a kind Cabin Resort is located on the Richibucto River, just outside Sawyer’s hometown: Rexton, NB.

“New Brunswick is home for me. I am very proud to be able to run my business here. Our tight knit community has given us our start, and without the community support, Country Liberty wouldn’t exist. I have recognized from my humble beginning what my community has done for me and my business, so I try to give back by inspiring those within it.”

Sawyer is extremely grateful for his community, and throughout his life, has noticed how fantastic Kent County is. Agreeing with Advance Savings, Sawyer sees his hometown as a treasure, and hopes that the Country Liberty brand can open many eyes to this.

Cora Kaye, Loans Officer Expand/Collapse

For Cora, her journey with Advance Savings began nearly 9 years ago. Back in 2011, Cora, a high-school graduate, joined the Advance Savings team as a co-op student, and now works as one of our most highly called for Loans Officers.

Immediately after her co-op term, Cora worked as a summer student until finishing her education, and then became a part-time Customer Service Representative bouncing around from the Advance Savings branches in Riverview, Salisbury, and Petitcodiac. In the winter of 2018, Cora became a full-time Loans Officer at the Advance Savings in Petitcodiac.

As a Loans Officer, Cora’s day-to-day responsibilities typically involve meeting with members on a regular basis to discuss their lending options, up keeping existing loans we hold with current members, and answering any inquiries regarding members and the lending relationship they have with Advance Savings.

Cora enjoys challenging herself during her daily tasks, and finds enjoyment in helping people with their day-to-day financial needs.

“I find the most satisfying part of my career is when I can truly help a member get through a financially difficult time. As an organization, we thoroughly listen to our members and the stories they have to tell. At Advance Savings, you are a member, not a client.”

Food Depot Alimentaire, Community Member Expand/Collapse

The Food Depot Alimentaire is a charity food bank located in Moncton, NB with the main objectives of increasing food securities in our communities and in our province. Chantal has been with the organization for over 7 years as the Executive Director.

The Food Depot Alimentaire offers an abundance of services with improvement of the community being the main initiative. The organization offers collection, storage and distribution of food and products to all food banks across New Brunswick and 30 other added non-profit organizations. The Food Depot Alimentaire also generously runs a school breakfast club for 36 schools in our communities, repurposes food with a food recovery program, participates in and runs an active community garden, offers educational workshops with their kitchen located in the Peter McKee center, and also offers a GED program run by the south eastern regional board.

“As a charity, community betterment is the whole purpose of our existence. We make sure that no one goes hungry in our community and in New Brunswick. In order to have a strong community, economy and quality of life, everyone needs to lend a hand. Helping the most vulnerable people in your community will just build it up.”

The Food Depot Alimentaire has been a loyal member of Advance Savings since the very beginning. Chantal claims that Advance Savings is truly in their corner and routing for the Food Depot Alimentaire every step of the way.

“It is truly important to find a financial institution that cares about us, the cause we support, and wants to see us be successful. We have found that with Advance Savings.”

Jeff Melvin, Information Technology Manager Expand/Collapse

The Credit Union difference is more than what you see on the front-line. There are so many behind the scenes responsibilities and tasks fulfilled by our team members to keep all services running efficiently for your day-to-day banking needs.

Located at our Corporate Office, Jeff is the Information Technology Manager for Advance Savings.

Over the past 14 years, Jeff has taken on a wide array of responsibilities in his every day duties. The core roles of his profession include management of IT hardware and software, network administration of servers and desktops, and cyber security and IT forensics. Jeff also works diligently with the Chief Executive Officer on marketing collateral projects, and joins several other Advance Savings team members’ doing Joint Health and Safety Committee training.

“Although I do not work directly with the members, it is certainly gratifying to be able to come to work each day to support the staff that do. With information technology being on of the largest business transaction methods in the world, it’s always rewarding to see how much efficiency can be sought with open minds and understanding.”

Like many of our staff, Jeff uses his spare time to support his community through a couple passions of his own. Jeff volunteers at various senior care homes and community events to play the piano, and has also devoted his life to scouting and to his community.

“The majority of my time is dedicated as a local Group Scoutmaster and as a Provincial Commissioner for Traditional Scouting. I have also taken on the role as Rover Knight by supporting members in their programs around the world. I work weekly with youth and adults and provide my experience of the outdoors and Scouting to help them develop into better citizens and leaders in their community.”

Jeff’s knowledge in his field of study, his ability to diversify in many work tasks, and his keen interest in helping others succeeds in what they do has been a vital asset to Advance Savings. Although you, as our members, may not see Jeff around your local branch often, rest assured that he is one of the core supports of our organization.

“It’s all about the people.  It’s ordinary people like me who are looking out and serving those individuals in our communities.  The CU objectives are to provide exceptional services which will meet the day-to-day banking needs of  present and future Advance Savings members.”

Lindsay Warren, Rexton Community Branch Member Expand/Collapse

Did you know that Lindsay Warren, long time Advance Savings member, is the only female volunteer firefighter in Rexton NB?  Lindsay is very involved within her community, and volunteering with the Rexton Firefighters Association is just one of the many ways she gives back to her hometown.

“My father was a firefighter. I enjoy helping people and making a difference and this is a great way to do it. It has been nearly 20 years since I have been on the association, and I feel just like one of the guys. They are my family.”

Lindsay is a wife, mother of two, and a grade three teacher and donates her remaining spare time to give back to her community. On top of volunteering with the Rexton Firefighters Association, Lindsay is a member of the Recreational Council in Rexton, a softball ad baseball coach and a Sunday school teacher.

“The most satisfying part of my volunteer work is just being there for someone who needs it. It’s nice to make someone smile when you can.”

Lindsay has been an Advance Savings member since she was only 7 years old. Lindsay’s father, past member of the Advance Savings Board of Directors, introduced Lindsay at a young age to the Credit Union, and Advance Savings has been in their family ever since. 

“I bank with Advance Savings as I know the people well, everyone is very friendly and kind and the employees truly care. Advance Savings has been in our family since the beginning.”

Nick Landry, Senior Commercial Account Manager Expand/Collapse

Nick’s career with Advance Savings began when he was only 16 years old. Starting his journey as a co-op student in his final year of high-school, Nick went from coffee runs and photocopying to being one of our top Senior Commercial Account Managers.

Over the past 13 years, Nick has been trained and has worked in nearly all departments at Advance Savings. Nick’s everyday tasks primarily involve managing the day-to-day financial needs and lending decisions for our business members. Nick enjoys the variation in his every day responsibilities, and truly appreciates watching a member’s business expand and flourish over many years.

"It is all about finding simple solutions to complex problems, while being able to interact with a wide variety of different people with diverse backgrounds. It is impressive that tackling that initial challenge can turn into a lifelong business relationship. The whole experience is engaging, rewarding, and stimulating”

In his leisure time, Nick loves to travel the world and see new things, experience the thrill of snowboarding during the winter time, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors on a long hike, as well as donate his time to give back to his community.

Agreeing with the same beliefs as Advance Savings, Nick recognizes the importance of supporting his community, and does so by coaching soccer for the Codiac Soccer Club and for a high school team in his spare time, year round.

Nick states that working for Advance Savings is something that he can be proud of, and claims that he is one of the most fortunate people in the Credit Union system, as he loves the team he works with, and also agrees with and supports the main values of the Credit Union.

"The entire team is passionate about their careers, and we all thoroughly reinforce the “You First, Banking Second” attitude. It is all about customer service and the human touch that we add to banking. We make sure that every interaction is valuable for both parties, and we really take the time to appreciate our member’s needs and goals.”

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