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The New Brunswick Environmental Network

Every month, $2 from your service charges is donated to the New Brunswick Environmental Network, who's goal is to educate the community on the important environmental issues such as climate change, environment health, water quality, and more.

“Do you know how hard it is to bike up Magnetic Hill?

Reduce your dependency on fossil fuels and bike to work with a new commuter bike purchased through a local bicycle merchant.

Are there actually eco-responsible investment opportunities?

There are many options in green investing;    there are some alternative energy/ green mutual funds, green exchange traded funds (ETFs) and we are able to purchase shares of green companies.  Some example of green companies could be Brookfield Renewables, Northland Power or Algonquin Power & Utilities.

Keep-it-Green Banking Program

At Advance Savings, our members know how important it is to be environmentally conscious.  With the Advance Savings Keep-it-Green Banking Program, we’ve tailored banking products that help you help the planet, even through your day-to-day banking. 

Our Keep-it-Green Banking Program includes:

  1. Keep-it-Green Chequing accounts;
  2. Keep-it-Green Investments;
  3. Keep-it-Green Home Loans;
  4. Keep-it-Green Vehicle Loans;
  5. Keep-t-Green Bike Loans; and,
  6. Keep-it-Green Mortgages.
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Keep-it-Green Chequing Expand/Collapse

The Keep-it-Green Chequing account lets you give back to your community all while enjoying unlimited in-branch or online transaction; including unlimited e-Transfers. Every month, $2 from your service charge is donated to the New Brunswick Environmental Network; all this for a low monthly cost of $16.95.


Monthly Service Charge $16.95
Monthly Withdrawals Included Unlimited, including Interac e-Transfers
Over-limit Withdrawals Can't happen, you have unlimited withdrawals
ATM Withdrawals Ding Free:  FREE
Interac: 2 FREE, $2 each after
Plus: $4
eStatements FREE
MemberDirect, Mobile App and TeleService FREE
Monthly Donation Amount $2
Donation Non-Profit New Brunswick Environmental Network

Keep-it-Green Investments Expand/Collapse

Our Financial Advisor can meet your investment needs with an environmentally friendly investment portfolio. Keep-it-Green Investments allow our members to invest in companies carefully selected for both their environmental awareness and financial performance.

Keep-it-Green Home Loan Expand/Collapse

With a Keep-it-Green Home Loan our members can borrow money to do environmentally friendly home upgrades.  With preferred rates, you can pay it back with equal payments over a period of 1 to 5 years.

Interest Rate Advance Savings Prime + 1%
Payment Terms
  1. Flexible repayment options;
  2. Terms between 1 and 5 years;
  3. No pre-payment penalties; and,
  4. Minimum loan balance of $5,000.00.
Upgrade Options:
  1. Insulation;
  2. Lighting;
  3. Solar Equipment;
  4. Geothermal Heating;
  5. Heat Pumps;
  6. High Efficiency Windows and Doors;
  7. High Efficiency Appliances;
  8. Eco-friendly Septic Solutions;
  9. Ventilation and Drain Water Heat Recovery; or,
  10. Ecological Restoration or Erosion Control.

Keep-it-Green Vehicle Loan Expand/Collapse

Buy an electric or hybrid vehicle with the Keep-it-Green Vehicle Loan. Let Advance Savings help you reduce your carbon emissions and keep our planet green for future generations.

Interest Rate New Electric:     Credit Union Prime Rate + 0.5%
New Hybrid:      Credit Union Prime Rate + 0.5%
Used Electric:    Credit Union Prime Rate + 1%
Used Hybrid:     Credit Union Prime Rate + 1%
Payment Terms
  1. Flexible repayment options;
  2. Terms between 1 and 8 years; and,
  3. No pre-payment penalties.

Keep-it-Green Bike Loan Expand/Collapse

With a Keep-it-Green Bike Loan our members can borrow money to purchase a new bicycle at local bike merchant.  Reducing your carbon foot print includes being less dependent on your car to get around.  

Interest Rate Credit Union Prime + 1%
Loan Amount Minimum loan of $500.00
Payment Terms
  1. Flexible repayment options;
  2. Terms between 1 and 12 months; and,
  3. No-pre-payment penalties.

Keep-it-Green Mortgage Expand/Collapse

With a Keep-it-Green Mortgage, our members who are buying an energy-efficient home or making green renos can get added member perks, like preferred rates and a refund of up to 25 % of the mortgage insurance premium. It pays to be green!

  • Purchases
  • Transfers
  • Fixed Rate 1-5 year closed
Down Payment
  • Personal Savings
  • RRSP Withdrawal
  • Non-repayable gift from immediate family member(s)
  • Sweat equity
  • Exiting home equity
  • Proceeds from sale of property
  • Maximum 25 years
Pre-Payment Privileges
  • Regular payment increase of up to 25%
  • Lump sum payments of up to 25% annually
Discounts and Perks
  • Discouted interest rate
  • A refund of up-to 25% of the mortgage insurance premium